The Sustainability of Steel

Written by Lyle Charles

The construction we rely on every day in modern society didn’t happen by mistake. It’s the result of careful planning, exact math, trained craftsmanship and the best possible materials for the job. Construction that lacks these essentials doesn’t last very long at all. That’s why one of the most important materials for construction is steel. Nothing compares to this unbelievably sustainable product.

Whenever you hear of construction delay claims, you can bet it won’t have anything to do with steel (unless it’s a supply issue—steel is always in high demand). This material is extremely durable and reliable, which is why it’s so easy to use and has been in use f or construction for well over a decade.

What’s more, steel is extremely sustainable. When people talk about the need for “green” construction elements, they forget that one of their best options is steel. The material simply won’t give up, which is why buildings made from it decades and decades ago still stand tall. It’s not something that needs to be replaced and, if a building is brought down, steel can simply be smelted all over again and re-used.


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