Where Low-Credit Customers Should Finance Furniture

 Blog provided by Curacao

Are you struggling to finance furniture in-store because of your low credit score? Most low-credit customers will turn to other financing options when they are rejected. However, in-store financing is still the best option for furniture financing and we’ll tell you why.

Personal loans that require credit checks may cause your score to drop. If you look hard enough, you can find personal loans that don’t require credit checks. However, looking for the right personal loan can be risky because you might encounter scams and predatory lending practices.

Rent-to-own centers are not the best option because of how expensive they are. They may not require credit checks, but they lead to customers paying several times the retail price for furniture. If you want the best deal, you probably won’t find it in a rent-to-own center.

At first glance, in-store financing may seem like a bad idea because most major furniture retailers require fair to good credit scores to qualify for furniture financing. Despite this, you can still find in-store financing options that cater to customers with low credit.

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