Checking for Drafts in the Home

Imagine running the air conditioning with your door open in summer. You would lose money every second! That’s the equivalent of what you’re doing by ignoring potential areas for a draft in your home. Get ready to go over your doors and windows with a fine tooth comb, but know that huge savings await you when you finish.

Potential Savings

Drafts are caused by all sorts of problems you might not be immediately aware of. Drafts can be caused by improperly set windows, which create holes in the window fittings themselves. That’s extra hot or cold air that is literally seeping out into nothingness.

Walking the Home

The best time to do this is when it gets cold, but breezy days will work as well. You should wear minimal clothing you can, shorts and a rolled up t-shirt should do. The goal is to try and use your body to feel where the drafts are coming from. It helps to walk with a caulking gun in hand so you can seal as you go. Check corners, where furniture has been fitted into the wall, and also check doors and windows.

When you check doors, be sure that there is little space between the bottom edge of the door and the frame. That’s a huge source of heat loss.

Sealing Drafts

Caulk will do the trick in most cases, and just a dab is all that’s needed for most small holes. If you find larger holes, you may need to reconstruct the area so that the pieces will fit better.

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