Choosing an Energy Efficient Front Door

Written by Eto Doors,

How do you know whether a heavy duty wooden door will be any better for your home than a storm door? If you live in extreme weather conditions, the choice is clear. For the rest of the country, there is some ambiguity that comes with choose the right door for a home. Too heavy and it will be hard to install properly, leading to wear and tear to your home. Too thin and you risk letting in drafts or even worse, burglars. Here are some tips to help you choose a sturdy, energy-efficient door.


How well an object resists the flow of heat is known as the “R-value” of the insulation. R-Value is measured on a numbered scale, with higher values indicating increased effectiveness. The R-value of your door should be equivalent to your climate. If you are unsure of what to get, try to Department of Energy ZIP code insulation calculator, which will give you a reading of what you need.

Weather Stripping

Once you have a door that is adequately rated for your climate, install some weather-stripping to close unwanted gaps elsewhere in the house. The crack between the jamb and the door leading into your garage is a common place for air to escape.


Cold days are a good time to walk the home, looking for drafts coming from windows or cracks in the wall. These small spaces might not seem like a lot when you look at them individually, but you may have the combined surface area of a wide open door or window. Placing some caulk over these openings will plug the air flow and prevent your home from hemorrhaging hot and cold air when you need it.

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