Prepare Your Home for a Disaster

You don’t want to wait until a disaster strikes to outfit your home. The news is fond of showing people boarding up their windows before a disaster, but that has proven to be ineffective. Here are some real tips that you can use to protect your home from a storm.


The purpose of a storm window is two fold. It adds a bit of extra insulation to the home, improving thermal efficiency and allowing you to let in the breeze during summer time. These windows are mounted either inside or outside of the main glass windows of your home. This way, you are protected from shattering glass in the event of poor weather and high winds.


Storm doors protect the interior of the home, while providing a screen for visibility. This helps you let in the breeze during summer without the bugs. The doors are typically made of wood, aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass. They may have interchangeable glass panels for the windows, but there are roll screen units that have become popular. These units retract with the built in tension when you don’t need them.


Window shutters add a bit of extra protection against broken glass, but garage door braces can reinforce the largest moving object in your home. These braces are fastened to the door to keep it from blowing away. There are also roof clips that fill the same roles.

Final Thoughts

Tree care is an important part of preparing your home for a storm, but it’s often overlooked when you’re considering renovations. A weekend spent trimming trees will mean less debris flying through the air when an EF-4 or 5 tornado hits your region.

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