Recycle your Old Cell Phone and Make Some Bucks

Do you have a junk drawer filled to the brim with old mobile devices? Are you strapped for cash? Now you can solve both problems with one simple solution — recycling your old or broken cell phones. A new comparison shopping website called Sell Cell is making it easier for people to recycle their unwanted cell phones and receive the highest cash amount for doing the right thing. Here is a look at this popular and eco-friendly way to get the most out of your unwanted mobile devices.

We all know by now that throwing away unwanted cell phones and other electronic devices is bad for the environment. According to National Geographic, Americans throw away about two million tons of unwanted electronics annually. Cell phones that end up in landfills can leak potentially hazardous chemicals, including copper, lead, zinc, antimony, arsenic and cadmium. Because of this, many companies are offering cash back incentives for recycling old and broken cell phones. Some cell phones can even be repurposed for secondary markets.

Properly disposing of and recycling your cell phone is a great way to help the environment and receive instant cash. And it’s getting easier than ever to get rid of old cell phones and electronics. Up until recently, however, the only option to recycle cell phones was to find donation bins at electronic stores and libraries. But companies such as Sell Cell are changing the way people recycle and sell old cell phone devices by helping people get cash back.

As an online comparison site, allows recyclers to search for their cell phone and compare prices from the leading phone buyers on the market. After selecting the recycler you wish to sell your phone to, all you have to do is mail your phone for free. The final step is waiting for your cash or vouchers in the mail.