The best kind of bamboo for floors

Written by Bamboo Flooring Facts

Solid bamboo flooring starts from its source. If you don’t have high quality bamboos as the raw material, then you wouldn’t have bamboo flooring that durable and reliable as well. So how does one distinguish between good bamboo for flooring from others that are not? In order for you to answer this, you need to know first what you want out of your bamboo.

Here, you should ask if you’re going for an eco-friendly type of bamboo, or perhaps the most durable kind. Usually, you would be referred to a bamboo flooring manufacturer instead of the kind of bamboo used when you ask this question to a store clerk. However, as to indulge your curiosity, it’s actually Moso. This is the species of bamboo that has been considered by manufacturers as the toughest species of bamboo that will definitely give you superior quality flooring. However, it’s not just the species of bamboo that you need to consider if you want to get the best type of flooring. You also have to consider when the bamboo was harvested, wherein bamboos that have been harvested after five to seven years are considered as the best. Moreover, strand woven flooring as well as bamboo flooring with its natural color is also considered to be the best type of bamboo flooring. If you have this type of flooring installed, rest assured that you have definitely made a very good choice that will look luxurious as well as beautiful for years to come.

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