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Written by Agromart

The regular consumption of poppy seeds constitute of several benefits to the health. Poppy seeds contribute to maintaining strong bones, a good immune system and they contain several nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorous, fiber and potassium. Adding poppy seeds to the diet also brings digestive benefits. There are some factors that can be considered before buying edible bulk poppy seeds.

Morphine Content

Some poppy seeds are known to have a high morphine content and are therefore thoroughly processed with chemicals in order to make them apt for consumption. If you are concerned about the morphine content of poppy seeds, you might want to look for “unwashed” ones. Unwashed poppy seeds for sale are harvested for human consumption and have a low morphine content. As such they do not require processing and washing.

Quality and Shelf Life

Blue poppy seeds are usually preferred for consumption because of their good quality and highest grade. If you intend to buy your poppy seeds in bulk, you might want to consider the shelf life of these seeds. A poppy seed with a good shelf life of about two years would be able to last longer and you will be able to stock up on them.


The flavor of the poppy seed is important as this will affect your recipes. Overly washed and processed poppy seeds lose their taste or acquire a bitter, dry and metallic flavor. This is not particularly enjoyable. Unwashed poppy seeds preserve their original taste.

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