Using Doors Throughout the House

There is a new trend in design, where doors are used throughout the home to separate certain rooms. Doors, both modern and rustic, are hung in non-traditional methods to create sliding doors inside. Double doors are another trend that has always been a part of the front door, and perhaps one room inside, but is now finding use as part of the kitchen and dining room areas. With a bit of creative flair, you can place doors throughout your house to bring out the inner nature of your home’s design.

Doors as Separators

Barnyard-style doors are now used to separate rooms, especially the dining room and kitchen areas. They are mounted to the wall by a track, and they can easily slide open and closed. These doors are typically made of wood, so they are quite heavy. They need to be securely mounted to studs in the frame around your door way, and you will need to be sure that you have enough space to fully open and close the door. The effect is no good if you can’t get into the space.

Doors to Control Temperature and Sound

Heavier doors, like those made of wood, are great at helping you to control the temperature level in a particular room. Use these doors in your sunroom and you’ll find the warmth preserved in that space. You can also use insulated metal doors, which would help soundproof the room as well. If you are still having issues with echoes, try a rug by the door to dampen the sound.

Staining Old Doors

Most older homes have a splintered wooden door as the first thing guests see. You have two options in this case. If you love the door, you can detach it from the frame and refinish it. Begin by sanding the door down to remove the splintered fragments and smooth the wood, then apply a stain to finish it.

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