Why cleaning your tongue is important?

Article written by Elite Dental Group

A person’s tongue can hold a lot of bacteria as it helps process all the food we eat. Additionally, a tongue’s surface is rough, which can make it easier for bacteria to breed. Daily tongue brushing can also contribute to fully tasting food as your taste buds will be clean.

Brushing teeth and rinsing your mouth cannot fully clean a person’s tongue as the bacteria that live on a person’s tongue often is firmly attached to its rough surface. To properly clean your tongue it is a good idea to invest in a tongue scraper. Tongue scrapers can be found in the dental section of a supermarket or at most pharmacies. Similarly, some toothbrushes have built-in tongue scrapers at the back of its head.

It is best to brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth. Always use gentle pressure so that taste buds are not disturbed and the skin on your tongue remains intact. To clean your tongue properly, aim to reach as far back as possible.

Tongue brushing can also help reduce bad breath as it cleans bacteria and food particles. Equally, fewer bacteria in your mouth will help to reduce cavities, plaque, and tartar in the long run. If you are concerned about how to brush your tongue or find the process uncomfortable, speak to a dentist who can advise you on how best to maintain your oral health.

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