How to Create an Efficient Aircraft Maintenance Plan

If you own a plane, it’s of absolute importance that you perform routine examinations and repairs.

Performing regular maintenance on an aircraft is an ongoing and immensely comprehensive process. The smallest details of the aircraft must be carefully examined, maintained, and have the necessary parts that are up to par with the latest safety standards that are mandated by the FAA. Failure to do so can result in damage or bodily injury.small_airplane

Be Organized and Keep a Schedule

Aircraft maintenance equipment should always be on hand whenever you are performing routine examinations and repairs. It’s also important to ensure that the aircraft is maintained after a certain time period or flight hours/cycles. This will prolong the health of your plane as well as minimize the risk of any accidents occurring. In addition to this, some aircraft will have a flight cycle limit, and should be replaced upon reaching the maximum use. Because safety should always be a priority when dealing with planes, be sure that you emphasize good maintenance practice.

Starting units, like a lithium aircraft starter, should always be kept handy and fully charged at all times. Most hangars, even the local ones, have several starting units ready to go at first notice.

Routine Maintenance

When performing your routine maintenance tasks, be sure that clean all of the components carefully. Also, to prevent corrosion from occurring, apply a anti-corrosion compound as well. Most importantly, be on the lookout for the normal wear and tear that planes will typically go through after multiple flight cycles. This isn’t just an aesthetic benefit, but also a safety precaution that should always be followed.

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