Is Mobile Internet Faster Than Satellite Internet?

Rural residents looking for the best rural Internet service provider most likely consider speed one of the most important factors that can influence their decision to sign up with a specific provider. Because of the fewer options available in rural areas, rural residents do not have access to the fastest types of Internet available in the rest of America, such as cable Internet and fiber-optic Internet. Although dial-up Internet is popular in rural America, it is at the bottom of the list when it comes to speed, so rural residents will have to choose between satellite Internet and mobile 4G Internet from a provider such as UbiFi, since those are among the fastest types of Internet for rural areas.

Despite satellite Internet’s impressive performance specs and widespread availability, it loses out to mobile 4G Internet if you live in the right areas. If your home is within the coverage area of a cell tower controlled by a mobile Internet provider like UbiFi, you can experience speeds faster than some of the best satellite Internet service providers with significantly lower latency. This is because of the shorter distance between cell towers and rural homes. Satellite signals have to travel to the surface of Earth from outer space. In contrast, signals from cell towers only have to travel a short distance to Internet users.

There is only one catch when it comes to these advantages. The benefits provided by mobile 4G Internet providers such as UbiFi are dependent on how close you are to their ideal coverage area. So make sure you are in the right coverage area before signing up for a mobile Internet service provider and you will get the chance to experience the unparalleled speed of 4G Internet.