How to get Solar Panels installed for Free

Article Submitted by Top Solar Energy Companies

So, you’re interested in reducing your monthly utility bills using solar panels but don’t have money to spend for them?

No problem. There are companies that will help you by buying and installing these panels for you at no cost whatsoever.


Of course, your home will have to ‘qualify’ based on whether your roof is faced south and also gets full sun. Once this is verified, then the company will invest money to install these solar panels on your roof while also creating a power-purchase agreement with the interested party.

Since buying your own panels is considered to be a smarter option, considering the red tape that one can get enmeshed in, and the ability to enjoy the ‘profits’ that come along with it, not everyone can shell out amounts like $ 30000 or so.

Since companies like SunRun and SolarCity do have the finances, they step in to make that purchase for you, charge you a low rate for the power used for as long as 20 years, and will probably sell the panels to you at a depreciated rate once that term is over.

What about energy savings?

Right from the first month, you’ll enjoy a 10 % drop in energy savings and which will increase as the days go by, thanks to grip power bills sharply increasing with each year.

This is where you will get to save a lot of money over while not spending a dime for installation or maintenance.

But the truth is: you’ll get to save much more if you are able to install these expensive solar panels with your own money.