Kayaking Vacation

Going on a Kayaking vacation is no ordinary experience and is a sport for fans of the outdoors. If there is a coastline, it is a perfect spot for a Kayaking vacation. Whether you choose to settle for San Jose in Costa Rica, Snake river or decide to take the thrill with Crystal Seas to San Juan islands with the Orca big boys at Friday Harbor, you need some skills or a guide because you may never cheat the waves when the sea gets stormy.

Consider acquiring the necessary skills before you set out for your next kayaking vacation. This ranges from getting in the Kayak from the shore; keeping balance; pedaling technique; carving turns; exiting the kayak and the safety kayaking technics in case the kayak capsizes.

Here are some other great places to go kayaking:

The French Alps. A beautiful playground for beginners in the Ardeche horizons which will set your skill on the pace for much bigger waters.

Slovenia. Soca river, with the most dazzling clear pools in the world. It is a favorite destination for club trips with a section of that feeels different each time you peddle down the stream.

Ottawa. Full of amazing huge and rapid waves, the Ottawa River in Canada bears one of the safest waters in the world. Graded in two channels and is a perfect fit for all, both beginners and the elite.

Nepal. The peddler’s paradise sets in the beautiful scenery of culture and rivers making it a watersport magical place as the best spot to vacation.

New Zealand. Home to the famous ‘all blacks’ the hungry waters here brings all levels of watersport to a standstill, whether you are looking for level 2 or the elite five kayaking, you may as well find yourself pedaling to the middle of nowhere as the scenery here gives space to the adventure.