New survey provides insights into energy efficiency

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As the world population grows the biggest challenge will be how to produce energy without harming the environment. Many companies are working on new technologies to increase energy efficiency. A New survey provides insights into energy efficiency.

The survey sponsored by power and automation technology company ABB called  Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services (BBWRS) 2010 Energy  Survey, has found that 78 percent of energy experts expect energy efficiency to account for over half of the total CO2 reduction potential by 2030.

The survey also revealed that 20 percent of the contribution is expected to come from switching to renewable energy sources such as wind energy, solar and water, therefore limiting the use of fossil fuels.

76 percent of those that were surveyed also believe that the government should incentivize cleaner and smarter technologies for energy efficiency.

89 percent of energy professionals think that government incentives will increase production of renewable energy. 63 percent believe that the greatest way to make energy efficient is if the industrial end users try to become efficient.

ABB which s a technology-based provider of power and automation products, systems, solutions, and services has produced a video that is available on youtube that provides more details on this survey. You can watch the video below.

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