The Advantages of Using an Electric Dog Fence

Written by the Farm Supply Store.

Keeping your pets safe on the farm is a top priority. You want to make sure that they don’t escape your property and that they stay away from places where they don’t belong. You can accomplish this by using a chain and collar on your dog, but you understand that this is excessive and takes away your dog’s freedom. Regular wire fencing is difficult to maintain and there’s always the chance that your dog will tunnel under it or knock it down.

A possible solution to consider is installing an electric dog fence. Whether you opt for a wireless model or one that uses an underground electric fence wire, this is a choice that keeps your dogs where they should be in a safe and humane manner. The dog wears a collar that sends a small jolt (similar to static electricity) whenever they get too close to the boundary. Over time and with training, your dog will learn to avoid the perimeter and remain in his area.

You might think that it’s complicated to perform an electric fence installation, but it’s actually very simple. With an underground dog fence, you simply connect the wire to a signal box and bury it underground to form the boundaries of the space. Wireless dog fences are also easy to use and a great choice if you need a portable option.

There are several advantages for installing an electric dog fence at your farm:

Keep your dogs from escaping large farms. If you have a farm of several acres or more, it can be challenging to ensure that your dogs don’t stray off the property. You can’t see them, so it’s easy for them to tunnel under a traditional fence without you knowing they are gone. An electric fence gives you peace of mind because it can create a perimeter of hundreds of acres.

Make custom boundaries for your dogs. If can be difficult to put up traditional fencing that allows your dogs to explore certain areas of your farm while keeping them out of others. This isn’t a problem when you use an underground wire dog fence. You can lay the wire down in any pattern and have it go anywhere, giving your dogs freedom of movement to explore their favorite places while keeping them out of other places they don’t belong (such as chicken coops or near dangerous equipment).

Provide an extra layer of protection to traditional fences. If you already have a traditional wire fence installed at your property, an electric fence can provide reinforcement. Even if there is a hole in your fence or a dog tries to tunnel under it, the shock of the electric dog collar will remind them not to escape.


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