The Teachings of Zhang Xinyue

Article written by Zhang Xinyue

Communicating with the Cosmos


In his book, Create Abundance, Zhang Xinyue, explains how we can communicate with the Cosmos. He tells us how to speak with the creation we see all around us.

Can you speak to animals, birds or trees?

As a teacher, I often hear students say that they can’t do something. Though they are certain in their own minds that they cannot accomplish this task, I know they can. We limit ourselves by what we believe and how we think. We are taught certain boundaries as children. We can form strong opinions about things without really understanding why.

All life gives off a unique vibration. Though we may not see it as “speech,” it is a type of communication and therefore it is language. The birds, animals and trees are alive. They have their own unique language. Just because we cannot understand their language does not mean it doesn’t exist. The thing that we must remember is to honor all life. We must train our eyes, our ears and our hearts to understand creation.

Zhang Xinyue, Create Abundance

The trees have a higher purpose. They purify our air. The animals do as well and so do the birds. The stars and planets have a reason to exist. Mankind has a higher purpose too. Often, we forget or simply don’t know that our lives are precious and have meaning.

Move past what you can see and hear and begin to listen with your heart. Close your eyes and hear the sounds of creation itself. The cosmos is there waiting to see what you have to say.

Teaching from Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue

The great Teacher Zhang Xinyue, a well known spiritual tutor, was born and raised in China. Her creation of the Create Abundance system aims to promote a meaningful and straight forward approach to life’s philosophical issues. By building a unique and highly effective plan for body-mind-spirit cultivation, she has succeeded in helping tens of thousands.