Why 4G Mobile Internet is the Ideal Choice for Online Gaming in Rural America

Online gaming is one way that technology has connected people from all across the globe through intense competition and cooperation made possible by solid, reliable Internet connections. Many people living in small, rural American towns are among the many who want to join the online gaming community, but the biggest obstacle to their aspirations would be the lack of adequate infrastructure for broadband Internet.

Fiber optic Internet is the best for online gaming because of its lightning-fast speeds, high bandwidth, and low latency. However, fiber optic Internet is not often in the conversation for the best rural Internet service provider because of its sparse availability in rural areas. Fiber optic Internet is not available at all in certain states, so it may not even be an option for some rural residents.

Because of this, rural residents often rely on alternative providers of Internet for rural areas such as satellite Internet companies like HughesNet and 4G mobile Internet companies like UbiFi. Both of these are high-speed options, with 4G mobile Internet providers like UbiFi having an edge in download speeds. However, out of these two options, mobile Internet is the best Internet for rural gaming because it has significantly less latency than satellite Internet. You’ll need low-latency Internet to avoid lag and rubberbanding while playing online games that require the utmost precision. Nothing is worse than losing a game you should have won because lag interrupted your aim or positioning. If you’re dedicated to winning and improving your competitive skills without interference from ill-timed latency, sign up for unlimited 4G rural Internet with a provider such as UbiFi for the best results.