Carbon Footprint caused by cars

Transport is a huge part of any calculation of someone’s carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint tends to be huge if you use your car every single day. Since most people commute to work, a big carbon footprint is a logical result. If you want your carbon footprint to be smaller, public transportation is the logical answer. However, it doesn’t work for those that work during the night or if they live in an area that is remote. In this cases, the next best thing is an eco friendly car.

Obviously, I’m talking about electric cars here. There are a number of different types of electric cars. Some use rechargeable batteries to run, which either charge during use or while the car is used. The popular choice is the hybrid, which combines an electric system with conventional propulsion. They look somewhat the same as a regular car and the price is similar, so a lot of people use them. Electric cars that have no alternative power system are more difficult to use and their speed is smaller.

But, the hybrids have their own problems. While close, the design is not exactly the same as a regular car and the price isn’t as good. However, they are improving all the time, so they are a good alternative to a regular car if you want to be environmentally friendly.

If you don’t have the money to invest in a new car, you always have the option of transforming your current vehicle into one that uses natural gas as fuel. The carbon emissions will be reduced considerably and the money you spend on fuel will be fewer as well. You can also convert a diesel car to a bio-diesel system, which is also cheaper and more friendly to the environment. This option is available for those cars that were made after 1992.

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