Challenges for charities doing their own car donation program

A recent story in the Hackensack Record highlighted the challenges faced by charities trying to put together their own programs for car donation in NJ. One of the charities highlighted was the American Children’s Society, which helps provide financial assistance for families whose children are facing long-term illnesses.

The story detailed the costs associated with a charity putting together and running a vehicle donation program. Among the expenses incurred by the American Children’s Society in running their car donation program were: paying local used car dealerships to advertise their program; towing cars to the charity’s dealership; and insurance, licenses, government fees, office expenses, parts and repairs.

One of the advantages of working with an organization like is that instead of having to worry about the management of a car donation program, a charity can let trained experts take care of the hard work, being able to focus their staff’s attention on their mission rather than running a program.

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