Green Gadgets

Gadgets and green aren’t exactly words that most people would associate. When people hear gadget they immediately think of little boxes that help them do things easier, by starting their TV or stereo equipment. People love stuff that makes their life easier in some way and they rarely stop to think how those gadgets will influence the environment. Even if they do think, they rarely do anything about it, as they’re not willing to give up their electronic toys.

But, there is a certain synergy between ecology and what is convenient, and it’s summed up pretty well in the “saving energy” phrase. The user of the gadget benefits from performing their task without much fuss and the resources are not used up, so the environment benefits. Bye Bye Standby for example, is a motherboard that you can use to plug in all the gadgets from your house. With a simple remote you can power down all the appliances connected to it. Whenever you don’t use them, you can shut them down with the push of a single button, without having to take the plugs out. The standby feature that so many gadgets have is cancelled this way and the appliance consumes zero electricity.

Or, you can choose to use a solar recharger, which lets you power some gadgets that can be recharged or run on batteries. If you see someone that keeps their mobile phone plugged in all the time, tell them that it consumes a lot of energy this way, even though it’s so small. That period of time when you keep a mobile phone plugged in to charge, can easily be done with the help with a solar recharger. There are a lot of other gadgets that you use on a regular basis and can benefit from using a solar recharger to power them up.

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