Vehicle donations are about more than just cars

When most people hear about a vehicle donation program, they usually think of just automobiles. One question they might ask is this: I know I can donate my car to charity, but what about a motorcycle or a boat?

The answer is that you can donate more than just a car to a charity. takes all kinds of vehicles for donation. This includes motorcycles, trucks, SUVs…even a boat or an RV. If it’s a form of transportation that you don’t need, is happy to accept it and sell it, with the proceeds going to help families in need in your area or around the world.

Of course, we’re happy to accept a car donation in NYC or any other city in the United States. But don’t just be limited by your car! If you have a boat sitting in dry dock or a motorcycle that you don’t use ,we can find a way to turn it into money for a worthy cause.

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